Point San Pablo Harbor

Art, Interaction, and Identity: An Interactive Sculpture Park

Point San Pablo Harbor (PSPH) is a combined harbor and undeveloped land located on the north shore of the Point San Pablo peninsula, just north of the Richmond end of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in San Francisco Bay. This unique location provides an opportunity for the creation of an accessible yet remote-feeling destination featuring a retreat center, glamping area, and outdoor event venue.

We Are From Dust (WAFD) is working with the PSPH team to design, coordinate, install and manage a sculpture park on this land. The park will be a rotating exhibition consisting of permanent and temporary medium-sized interactive art installations and landscape earthworks.

Curatorial Direction

The guiding curatorial principle for the PSPH sculpture park is to complement the natural beauty of the environment, while reflecting the values represented in WAFD’s and PSPH’s missions. Installations will be aesthetically subtle, and generally use a color palette of natural earth tones. To that end, these installations would employ limited, subtle use of colored LEDs, open fire or large flame effects, if at all.

WAFD will work together with PSPH’s landscape architect to help guide selections and placements to work seamlessly with the holistic site plan, and with the PSPH team to ensure that these pieces serve the desired purpose.

Installation Types

We’ve identified four main installation types for the PSPH Sculpture Park:

  1. Large-scale interactive sculpture
  2. Small- to medium-scale installations
  3. Landscape earthwork installations
  4. Art boats

WAFD, coordinating with the PSPH team, will manage the regular, periodic rotation of short-term art installations on the site.