“The Mayan Fusion” WAFDust Podcast with Pablo Gonzalez Vargas, Artist and Creator of Mayan Warrior

In WAFDust Podcast #5  – “The Mayan Fusion”, Yomi Ayeni chats with Pablo Gonzalez Vargas about the crossover between Mayan culture, sacred geometry, and gifting.

Pablo gives an insight into the science behind Ilumina, his 2017 Burning Man installation, how group meditation is used to trigger the light show, and connect with the earth’s coherence.

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“Natural Highs” WAFDust Podcast with Benjamin Langholz, Creator of Stone 27

In WAFDust Podcast #4  – “Natural Highs”, Katie Eldridge chats with Benjamin Langholz, an artist with a keen fascination for creating emotional experiences through his large format installations.

Langholz discusses his path from working in the tech industry to world travel, self discovery and the art of Japanese bondage, Kinbaku.

Benjamin is currently creating several new projects at his new studio in Berlin.

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Thanks So Much For The Support!

The crowdfunding is over, and we’d like to thank everyone that donated towards our support for artists whose work is in our Point San Pablo Harbor exhibition.

There are a few items left from the campaign, such as stickers, patches, postcards, and hoodies, with exclusive items from Paige Tashner, Kate Raudenbush, and Peter Hazel. Kindly contact us to find out what’s available via email info@wearefromdust.org.

If you would like to contribute towards our mission, kindly use this link to make a donation.

Once again, thank you.

“To Build A Better World” WAFDust Podcast 03 with Arthur Mamou Mani, Architect


“To Build A Better World
with Arthur Mamou Mani

WAFDust Podcast #03

In our third podcast, Yomi Ayeni talks to Arthur Mamou Mani, architect, artist, and lecturer about building the 2019 Temple of Galaxia at Burning Man, sustainability, and the science of art.

He gives the lowdown on Catharsisthe game changing modular art structure he planned for Burning Man 2020, which may now manifest in the virtual multiverse, and how he came to the conclusion that beauty can be generated, as opposed to created.

This is WAFDust Podcast 03

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