WAFDust Podcast 13 – “We Are From Dreams” – Art With Me panel #1. Kate Raudenbush and Michael Christian

“We Are From Dreams”

WAFDust Podcast #13

This podcast is a recording of our Art With Me  panel recorded live in Tulum, Mexico.

In this chat, Kate Raudenbush and Michael Christian dive deep and discuss the inspiration for their work, the impact  large scale installations have on people, and how they keep their own respective dreams alive.

The panel is moderated by Yomi Ayeni – founder of We Are From Dust.

“From Dream To Reality” – Art With Me Feature WAFDust Podcast #12

From Dream To Reality

Kate Raudenbush, David Graziano,
Matt Cains, Peter Rupretch
Art With Me Festival


WAFDust Podcast #12

In WAFDust Podcast #12  From Dream To Reality  we visit the Art With Me Festival in Tulum, Mexico as it prepares to open on 11:11:2020.

We chat to the organisers about producing the event during the global lockdown, and keeping to its core values of creativity in large art installations,  entertainment, culinary arts and wellness.

With a few days to launch, we catch up with Kate Raudenbush, Art With Me 2020 featured artist, as she puts the finishing touch to her latest installation – Dream Portal.