BLACK! Asé – A Black Burner Project for Burning Man 2022

BLACK! Asé – Debuting at Burning Man 2022

Help us bring a new art project called “BLACK! Asé” to Burning Man, featuring 30ft sculptures of Black Burners. The artist, Erin Douglas, started the Black Burner Project in 2018, dedicated to capturing images of people of colour at Burning Man.

Erin is in the vanguard of female Black artists who are bringing big energy and intention to the event. BLACK Asé is made up of three, thirty foot images of Black Burners with scaffolding erected behind each to create a shady gathering space in the open playa. Talks, teas, toasts and other events both curated and spontaneous will occur here.

Asé is an African Yoruba word of affirmation meaning Amen, so it is, or it shall be. It is the power to create that which you speak. The power to make things happen and produce change, and also refers to the spiritual life and energy force that flows through all things.” – Erin Douglas

Please support Erin and help make this amazing project happen.

BLACK! Asé IndieGoGo Campaign


We Are From Dust was created to support Burning Man artists, by exhibiting their work in public places, and to showcase large scale participatory art away from the desert. We are mindful that not everyone gets TTITD, talk less of hanging out in the desert, but it’s acceptable to conclude that the art experience has changed many of our lives, minds, and made a positive contribution to our society.

We’ve spent the past two years, during the pandemic, pondering how to address the needs of aspiring artists, and came up with a project called Art Barr None, which is to support new artists in their pursuit to exhibit at Burning Man, and “BLACK! Asé” by Erin Douglas is our first project.