BLACK! Asé – A Black Burner Project for Burning Man 2022

BLACK! Asé – Debuting at Burning Man 2022

Help us bring a new art project called “BLACK! Asé” to Burning Man, featuring 30ft sculptures of Black Burners. The artist, Erin Douglas, started the Black Burner Project in 2018, dedicated to capturing images of people of colour at Burning Man.

Erin is in the vanguard of female Black artists who are bringing big energy and intention to the event. BLACK Asé is made up of three, thirty foot images of Black Burners with scaffolding erected behind each to create a shady gathering space in the open playa. Talks, teas, toasts and other events both curated and spontaneous will occur here.

Asé is an African Yoruba word of affirmation meaning Amen, so it is, or it shall be. It is the power to create that which you speak. The power to make things happen and produce change, and also refers to the spiritual life and energy force that flows through all things.” – Erin Douglas

Please support Erin and help make this amazing project happen.

BLACK! Asé IndieGoGo Campaign


We Are From Dust was created to support Burning Man artists, by exhibiting their work in public places, and to showcase large scale participatory art away from the desert. We are mindful that not everyone gets TTITD, talk less of hanging out in the desert, but it’s acceptable to conclude that the art experience has changed many of our lives, minds, and made a positive contribution to our society.

We’ve spent the past two years, during the pandemic, pondering how to address the needs of aspiring artists, and came up with a project called Art Barr None, which is to support new artists in their pursuit to exhibit at Burning Man, and “BLACK! Asé” by Erin Douglas is our first project.

WAFDust Podcast: “Drishti” with Kirsten Berg

Drishti – Kirsten Berg

In WAFDust podcast #23 we chat with Kirsten Berg about  her third Burning Man Honoraria award to create Drishtiwhich will be unveiled at the 2022 event.

Her work has  graced the hallowed rooms of the Smithsonian, the National Museum of Singapore, the San Francisco Exploratorium and of course Black Rock Desert.

Kirsten says her art is influenced by her yoga practice, and Drishti is the physical manifestation of a vision.

Link to Podcast

WAFDust Podcast “Museum of No Spectators” with Absinthia – Co-Lead

Museum of Spectators

In the world of Burning Man what should a museum represent? How should it entice the audience into experience the art, and how different will it be from other museums? 

One project that will answer some of these questions is the Museum of No Spectators. It started as a virtual project, and will be one of a few pieces from the virtual burn that will be built for Burning Man 2022.

We chat with Absinthia, co-lead of the project to find out how the experience will offer participants a chance to take centre stage at the museum.

Link to podcast:

New Beginnings – with Luke Jerram. WAFDust podcast Season 2.

Luke Jerram chats with Yomi at the unveiling of New Beginnings, at Ashton Court, Bristol

In WAFDust podcast #22 we chat with multi-disciplinary artist Luke Jerram, about “New Beginnings”, the latest addition to our  exhibition at Ashton Court in Bristol. 

New Beginnings is the first in a series of coin sculptures to be made by Luke which are animated and completed by members of the public. Some sculptures will be temporary, whilst others, will be permanent, creating a slowly changing landmark in the landscape, a destination and focus for public discussion.

The giant wooden seed sculpture is proving to be very popular, as members of the public are invited to make a wish, as they hammer coins into the piece.

This Ashton Court exhibition is a partnership with ArtSpace LifeSpace in Bristol.


When Niloticus Arrived…

Recently we received a message asking how Niloticus got to Point San Pablo Harbor.

Well, it wasn’t easy, and our friend Bonnie Dunn documented the arrival.

Check this out!

WAFDust Podcast 17 – “Good Vibrations” – Aaron Taylor Kuffner, Gamelatron

“Good Vibrations”

Aaron Taylor Kuffner, Gamelatron

WAFDust Podcast #17

In WAFDust podcast #17, Katie Eldridge is in conversation with Aaron Taylor Kuffner, creator of Gamelatron, sound producing kinetic sculptures.

Aaron explains how he took inspiration from Indonesia’s Gamelan, a thousand-year-old sonic tradition, to compose unique digital sonic immersive experiences, that have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, and Burning Man amongst other places around the world.

This is WAFDust Podcast 17

Projects referenced in this podcast


WAFDust Podcast 16 – “The Colour of Black Rock” – Erin Douglas, Black Burner Project

“The Colour Of Black Rock”

Erin Douglas, Black Burner Project

WAFDust Podcast #16

In WAFDust podcast #16 we chat with Erin Douglas, creator of the Black Burner Project about her experiences as a person of colour at Burning Man.

She explains the inspiration behind the project, how a visit to Black Rock City can change lives, and her determination to document the event in a way that shows it is a safe place for her community.

Black Burner Project

WAFDust Podcast 15 – “How Big Art Inspires and Changes Humanity” – Kate Raudenbush, Michael Christian, Aaron Taylor Kuffner

“How Big Art Inspires and Changes Humanity”

Kate Raudenbush, Michael Christian, Aaron Taylor Kuffner

WAFDust Podcast #15

We Are From Dust was inspired by the amazing big art pieces exhibited by artists at Burning Man over the many years. In this episode we delve into the aims and aspirations of three artists to  find out How Big Art Inspires and Changes Humanity, and hosted a panel discussion with Kate Raudenbush, Michael Christian and Aaron Taylor Kuffner.

While it may sound a little ‘tongue in cheek’  we wanted to know whether size really matters?