Gallivan Center, Salt Lake City, UT (USA)

Art Brightens the Winter Season in Downtown Salt Lake City

WAFD worked with the Salt Lake City Downtown Alliance to place three sculptures in the Gallivan Center — an urban plaza in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City — for the 2020-21 winter, helping to keep downtown SLC active and vibrant during the holidays.

This exhibition, supported entirely by grant money, opened over the Thanksgiving holiday and includes koro loko by Emily Nicolosi, first exhibited at Burning Man 2019, and two Purr Pods from Paige Tashner.

One of Two Purr Pods, by Paige Tashner (Photo credit: Katie Eldridge)
Dichroic magic on koro loko by Emily Nicolosi (Photo credit: Katie Eldridge)

Curatorial Direction

The guiding curatorial principle for this exhibition was to bring light, delight and family-friendly warmth to this urban plaza. In a word: heartwarming. The Purr Pods were an obvious choice, given their successful year-long exhibition at Point San Pablo Harbor — kids and families just love them. These cuddly cats were paired with koro loko, whose dichroic acrylic panels translate natural light into a marvelous kaleidoscope of color through the warmth of a welcoming heart. While SLC can have dreary winters, these pieces will definitely brighten the holidays for Salt Lake City’s residents and visitors.

This exhibition is scheduled to be available for six months, from Thanksgiving 2020 through April of 2021.

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