Ashton Court – Bristol, England (UK)

Ashton Court, Bristol UK

We worked with charity ArtSpace LifeSpace to mount a one-year exhibition for four artists at Ashton Court in Bristol, UK. The exhibits are Purr Pods by Paige Tashner, Zlatico by Cjay Roughgarden, Trasparenza by Andrea Greenlees, and the Ohm Boys series by Hugo Farmer.

Ashton Court is being managed as a multi-use arts venue, facilitating art, theatre, performance and community activities. The 850-acre estate dates back to the Domesday Book, and even has a deer park. This exhibition has been made possible through generous donations by supporters and Arts Council England.

Our exhibition includes one of Paige Tashner’s endearing Purr Pods … welded steel cats that hide a charming secret: touch the right spots to make them purr.

Purr Pods by Paige Tashner (Photo credit: Yomi Ayeni)

We also tapped long-time Oakland-based metalworking artist Cjay Roughgarden (that’s her below) to round out the collection with Zlatico, her CNC laser-cut, powder-coated steel portal, which makes for a stunning, Mucha-inspired photo backdrop.

Zalatico by Cjay Roughgarden (Photo credit: Yomi Ayeni)

We were also happy to include a set of powerful and evocative socio-political pieces by local sculptor (and Burner) Hugo Farmer, with an aim to question the bubble of mainstream media.

Ohm Boy by Hugo Farmer (Photo credit: Yomi Ayeni)
The Priest by Hugo Farmer (Photo credit: Yomi Ayeni)
The Sergeant by Hugo Farmer (Photo credit: Yomi Ayeni)

There’s Andrea Greenlees’ effervescent Trasparenza, originally exhibited at Burning Man 2016, which celebrates emerging from darkness into light. This transparent installation is a playful and light-hearted foray into fifteenth century Florence, a whimsical tribute to the genius of Leonardo and the glories of the Italian Renaissance.

And lastly Dodeca, a mother and son collaboration by Andrea Greenlees and Josh Haywood. An acrylic polyhedron artwork with laser cut imagery that is placed beside the sunken rose garden of Ashton Court.


This exhibition runs from December 2020 through to end of  2021.  We’ll be looking for new homes for these pieces after the exhibition ends … got a spot hungry for art?

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