Crossing Continents #1 – WAFDust Podcast with Anssi Laurila – Artist and Finnish Regional Contact

Crossing Continents #1

 Anssi Laurila
Artist, Finnish Regional Contact

WAFDust Podcast #11

Crossing Continents is a series of  talks with artists and collaborators who have not only travelled to Black Rock City, but have set up regional outposts in their respective countries.

Our first guest is artist and Finnish Regional Contact,  Anssi Laurila, part of a team who have injected a cultural slant to everything they’ve exhibited at Burning Man, ranging from folklore, education, and even a traditional sauna.

Anssi talks about the fruitful world of concepting projects in Helsinki, being inspired by the International Space Station, and how the collaborative nature of the Burning scene helped birth his first art project.

“From Suicide Club To BRC” WAFDust Podcast with Michael Mikel aka Danger Ranger

“From Suicide Club To BRC”
Michael Mikel aka Danger Ranger

WAFDust Podcast #09

In WAFDust Podcast #9, Michael Mikel aka Danger Ranger, drops in on Yomi Ayeni’s BMIR radio show.

Danger Ranger is a founding member of Burning Man, and a much respected cacophonist. He’s a historian with a keen interest in technology and social communities. In this chat, he talks about origins of the Suicide Club, and how the search for a safe place to burn a huge wooden effigy led a bunch of merry pranksters to Black Rock Desert.

This is WAFDust Podcast 9

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WAFDust – Managing Art In The Multiverse 2020

We’re excited to announce that We Are From Dust is collaborating with Burning Man Project to manage and place virtual art installations in several of the Universes that will constitute Black Rock City 2020, at this year’s virtual Burn, aka The Multiverse.

In a recent post on the Burning Man Journal, Burning Man Project revealed:

“[T]here are to be eight virtual Universes and the standalone Temple experience in the 2020 Burning Man Multiverse — each independently produced by members of the Burning Man community who have demonstrated their commitment to the 10 Principles.”

While each of these worlds offers a unique and different slice of the Burning Man experience, WAFD will be supporting all of them in their quest to include art from Burning Mans past.

For further information visit the Burning Man Kindling to explore the different Universes in more depth, and to learn how you can participate and co-create.