WAFDust Podcast 17 – “Good Vibrations” – Aaron Taylor Kuffner, Gamelatron

“Good Vibrations”

Aaron Taylor Kuffner, Gamelatron

WAFDust Podcast #17

In WAFDust podcast #17, Katie Eldridge is in conversation with Aaron Taylor Kuffner, creator of Gamelatron, sound producing kinetic sculptures.

Aaron explains how he took inspiration from Indonesia’s Gamelan, a thousand-year-old sonic tradition, to compose unique digital sonic immersive experiences, that have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, and Burning Man amongst other places around the world.

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“Art as Activism” – WAFDust Podcast with Marco Cochrane & Julia Cortell

“Art as Activism
Marco Cochrane and Julia Cortell

WAFDust Podcast #06

In this podcast Katie Eldridge talks to Marco Cochrane & Julia Cortell about their love, lives, and art. 

Marco is best known for his series of monumental sculptures, all of which debuted at Burning Man – beginning in 2009 with Bliss Dance. Julia is an Attorney & mediator and is the co-creator of Bliss Project.

They have been partners in life and art for more than a decade, and have dedicated these works and more, to asking the question: What would life be like if women were safe?

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“Natural Highs” WAFDust Podcast with Benjamin Langholz, Creator of Stone 27

In WAFDust Podcast #4  – “Natural Highs”, Katie Eldridge chats with Benjamin Langholz, an artist with a keen fascination for creating emotional experiences through his large format installations.

Langholz discusses his path from working in the tech industry to world travel, self discovery and the art of Japanese bondage, Kinbaku.

Benjamin is currently creating several new projects at his new studio in Berlin.

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